Monday, December 3, 2007

Global Messaging System


A few weeks earlier, me and my good friend ashraff(affectionately called "dead body") thought of changing the way people use SMS.
Why is it that you have to pay 6rs per international sms, when you have a GPRS enabled phone??
Is there a way to make it cheaper?? Well we thought about it and created solmething which will help you communicate for almose free (depending on your service provider.) internationally.

So we came up with a small prototype of what we call GMS (global messaging system) which you can see here(Look it up on your mobile browser and not the PC!!)

Out of out testing results , we had found that one will be able to send arounf 1000 messages at almost 3 INR.

The only pre-requisite being that the receiver will need to have a GPRS enabled fone and that he has to have an account with us , and that he should see his messages through his/her mobile browser..

We have some pretty interesting services lined up with this.. More on my next post.

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