Friday, March 28, 2008

Problems with High end phones

Source: Wikipedia
I switched from a low end nokia 1100 to a much advanced Nokia N72 recently.

Though N series comes power packed with a lot of features, typing SMS on it is a pain.

Why is it that all these high end phones make life difficult for users?? Another bizzare effect of this is that Application developers who want to develop applications that will require a bit of typing.

Say for instance mobile versions of EQO,EBuddy, HeySan..
These clowns had made it so painfull to type for a long time on the mobile...

With the mobile phones market fetting more competitive,
I am sure that the company that makes it easy for one to type sms withiut hurting one's fingers will have an edge..

Not the one that targets to make science fictions come ttue with that little device..


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