Monday, August 11, 2008

How to set Up Flex Builder for JAVA

Quick post on how to set up flex builder for editing and debugging java code in parallel.

You must have flex builder 3 installed for this.

1. Install WTP using Help->Software updates->Find and Install.

2. Create a new flex project .

3. Select the J2ee project type.

4. Select the create a combined flex using WTP option. Click Next

5. Select your tomcat home .

6.Select the location of your flex.war on the next screen. (Note: You can download flex.war and flex data services from

7. Click finish.

Flex builder would have create all the necccessary code structure and xml files create for you

To create a simple remote object project follow this tutorial.

There goes your first java enabled flex project.

Comments welcome!

Will be posting on and soon!

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